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Rearfoot Grid

Saucony's patented technology. A woven configuration of Hytrel™ filaments which provide superior cushioning and stability by centring the heel on impact.

Saucony uses the GRID system because unlike other cushioning systems seen in technical running shoes, it offers STABLE cushioning.

As most runners hit the ground first with their heel, this is a crucial phase of the gait cycle. At the moment of impact, a force of up to three times body weight is generated. In addition to this force acting on the feet and specifically the heel, it is transmitted up the lower leg and into the back, affecting the ankle, knee and hip joints. Clearly it is imperative to offer the runner significant protection from these forces.

The GRID cassette fits into the rearfoot section of the midsole, as the impact occurs, the interwoven Hytrel strands bend to the shape of the heel, while the midsole compresses, thus providing cushioning.

The GRID system is often likened to a trampoline, and this analogy works well when comparing to other cushioning systems. If you think of bouncing on a trampoline, as opposed to a bouncy castle which represents a bag of fluid (gas, liquid etc), it is clear that the trampoline affords the user much more control over their movement.

In essence the GRID cassette provides controlled cushioning. Needless to say, GRID is exclusive to Saucony - we're not sharing it - well only with our customers!

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